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Cabriolet Film Festival 24- 25 -26 May 2013
25 May 2013
Launched in 2009 by the team of Laboratoire D’art, Cabriolet Film Festival (CFF) is the first outdoors film festival of its kind in Lebanon. The festival has since become an annual event and takes place over the course of three consecutive nights on Gemmayzeh Stairs in the heart of Beirut City.
Since its inauguration, the festival has prided itself on creating a unique forum of exchange and dialogue between the public and the filmmaking community through hosting an event that encourages individual talents, brings together artists and filmmakers, champions short films, improves networking between interest groups, and allows the public to interact with filmmakers. Year after year, CFF has demonstrated its commitment to celebrating short film as an independent form of art in a non-competitive public event by presenting local and international films in various guises from archival, to short fiction, to documentary, to animation and video art.
Furthermore, the festival has gradually evolved into an event that keeps up with emerging trends, supports causes, and addresses popular topics and issues through the adoption of a theme unique each year for screened short films.