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Examination of travelers' luggage is carried out rapidly and courteously. All ordinary personal effects are exempt from customs duty.
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Workshops and Training
Basics of Protocol & Guest Care Course
21 October 2013



A course entitled "Basics of Protocol & Guest Care" will be held on 22, 23 and 24 October 2013 for the Reception and Information Department. 


Course Objectives: 


1.Capacity building of MOT Hostesses in the field of Protocol, Etiquette and Guest Care proceedings.


2.Transfer of Knowledge related to communication skills to better collect data, & provide information in order to satisfy the needs of tourists within the framework of Sustainability and responsible tourism.


3.Capacity building to provide services with added value, Ethics, Quality and Professionalism


4.Human resources development in the field of protocol and hosting by simulating sessions and field working.


5.Capacity building to implement protocol and Guest Care tasks with respect, honor and consideration.